Large Dog Beds

For larger dogs, one thing is for sure – you need a large dog bed!

 Larger dogs don’t often curl up in that cute tight ball that you see smaller dogs sleeping in. They often prefer to stretch out and for that you need to make sure you have a dog bed large enough to cater for your dog, long legs and all!

10 Awesome Large Dog Beds

When buying a bed for larger dogs you want to check out how they like to sleep before picking out a bed for them. Do they lay out on their sides, all stretched out? Or do they seem to like to lie on their front with their head on their paw?

Many larger dogs like a bolster type of bed which has a pillow at one end for them to rest their head on and many large dog beds simulate this effect either by having a long pad with a raised end or with a sofa style with a soft back that curves around the edges.

The alternative to this for large dogs is usually a flat mattress style which consists of a pad of comfy foam for them to stretch out on in whatever position they choose. This style of bed works really well as an addition to large dog bed shells or to pop into a crate for those dogs who are crate trained.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a large dog bed, here of the few that we think are among the best.


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Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

Larger dogs often struggle as they get older with many breeds suffering from back, hip and joint problems. A bed designed to combat this is absolutely perfect and this is why this memory foam mattress bed is perfect for larger dogs.

The dog bed is made from a 3 inch gel memory foam mattress which gives them optimal support by spreading their weight evenly when lying down. Not only is this super comfy but it can even help to relieve any aches and pains your dog might suffer with.

Not only does the memory foam help your dog to sleep by moulding around it as it sleeps but the top layer of memory foam is made from a gel type of memory foam that helps you pet to regulate their temperature while sleeping.

This bed is comfortable but it’s also practical too! The cover of the mattress is soft but has a waterproof lining which protects the memory foam from damage and wear and tear. The cover is also machine washable so you can just take it off and pop it into the washer whenever it needs a clean.

An extra bonus is that this bed comes in not one but two different levels of large bed!

Choose from large or extra large for the perfect fit for your dog.


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Furhaven Pet Sofa

This large dog bed is classically designed with padded back and side in a sofa style. These bolsters help to provide your dog with a feeling of security while it sleeps whilst leaving one side of the bed open to allow your dog easy access and comfort if it wants to stretch out on the bed.

This bed is available in three different levels of large dog bed. Choose from Large, Jumbo and Jumbo plus for the perfect size for your pup and with a choice of cooling gel foam or orthopedic foam as a base for the bed you can ensure your dog has the most optimum of comfort as it sleeps.

The cover of the dog bed is made from a comfy faux fur for a wonderfully soft place for your dog to lie down and is also removable and completely machine washable for easy care and maintenance.

The bed even comes with two zippered sections so you can easily remove both the cover from the bolsters and the bed mattress section.

If tailoring your dog bed with colour and mattress foam style is important to you then this is the dog for you!


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Supervalue Dog Pet Pillow

Sometimes when it comes to somewhere to rest there is nothing quite as good as a large pillow and this is why the supervalue dog pet pillow by Majestic Pet is perfect.

This bed is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns so your dog can be comfortable and still match your style! Although, this dog pillow has substance as well as style. You can just put the whole pillow right in the washing machine – super easy cleaning whenever your dog’s bed gets a little dirty or smelly!

Comfort is important in a bed and this bed is stuffed with premium high loft polyester that is both hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Supersoft to lie on and has the added benefit of being portable and lightweight making this the perfect dog bed to use as a travel bed or to pop in the corners your dog loves to lay.


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Elevated Dog Bed Cot by K&H Pet Products

If your dog has a tendency to overheat then the answer might be to provide them with a cot bed style of dog bed like this one from K&H pet products.

The benefit of this bed is that it is raised off the ground which provides comfort for your dog in a number of ways.

Being raised off the ground allowed there to be airflow all around your dog helping them to keep nice and cool on hot days.

This bed comes with some extra cooling with a mesh centerpiece which is breathable and allows your dog to keep a little cooler.

By elevating your dog off the ground you are providing them a little extra comfort away from the lumps and bumps of the ground.

The cot material stretched over the legs provides support and can help distribute your dog’s weight a little more evenly.

If you want to try a dog bed like this for your dog then you would be hard pressed to do better. This bed is easy to assemble and requires no tools.

It is lightweight to make moving it about easy and the cover can be wiped down for easy daily cleaning and popped into the washer whenever you need to give it a good clean.


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Utotol Warming Dog Bed

When the weather starts to cool down it is important to keep our furry companions as warm and comfortable as possible without overheating them.

This is where this large self warming dog bed from Utotol is perfect. The design and soft cotton-filled cushion is designed to keep your pet comfortable in a fuzzy environment perfect for curling up on those cooler nights and days.

The traditional bed shape is perfectly designed for dogs of all sizes and breeds to find the position they most find comfortable to sleep in and with the underside of the bed being waterproof is an added bonus to make the bed as practical as it is comfortable.

For those of you wondering how to keep your dog bed clean there is no need to worry. Cleaning this dog bed is easy! The bed is washable!

Jusst follow the instructions your bed comes with and you can have a machine washed bed whenever your dog needs it.


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JoicyCo Dog Crate Mat

Even dogs like a pillow when they sleep sometimes and this dog crate mate by JoicyCo comes with a built in curved bolster pillow at one end.

Designed for your dog to lay it’s head on comfortably without adding too much pressure to the head or neck.

The rest of the dog bed is designed with comfort in mind too. Made from a premium foam in three inch thickness that is warm in winter and cool in summer for your dog to lie on.

The cover is removable and can be washed in a machine for easy cleaning. The top of the bed cover is made from a soft fleece material to keep your dog comfortable and the underside is made from non-slip material making it perfect for a variety of uses.

This dog mat is perfect to put in a crate to make it a comfortable and safe space for your dog but it also works just as well in the boot of a car or even just as a dog bed layed on the floor!

The perfect versatile dog bed that can go anywhere with your dog!


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Cloudzone Dog Bed

If you are stuck on which bed to get your dog sometimes the best option is to go with something that allows your dog to sleep in a variety of ways. T

Take a look at how your dog chooses to sleep and factor that in with future purchases.

This Dog bed from Cloudzone is perfect to allow your dog to choose how they sleep. The soft and cushioned mat is large and soft enough for a dog to get comfortable on in whichever position they choose.

The padded bolsters around the sides just add an extra dimension that allows your dog to curl up in the middle comfortably or lay out with their head on the bolster if they want to.

This dog bed has such a wonderfully simple design that allows it to be used in a variety of situations. With a non slip bottom it is perfect for most floor surfaces and it is lightweight and maneuverable enough to be able to be put in a dog crate, placed in the car trunk or anywhere in your home and backyard!

When the bed is in need of a wash this is easy too. Simply pop it into the washing machine and you can have a dog bed as good as new again without losing its shape or feel.


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Midwest Homes Super Push Pet Bed

Warm, comfortable and stylish too! Your dog will love laying on this beautifully soft and plushy dog cushion bed by Midwest Homes.

This soft bed has been perfectly designed to be a soft and fuzzy mat to pop into a dog crate but it works just as well as a standalone dog bed cushion either on its own or to be used as part of a larger bed.

The soft cover is made from a super soft plush material that provides extra comfort and warmth for a sleeping pup and soft synthetic stuffing allows your pet to get into a comfortable position.

This is the perfect bed to choose to help you create a soft and cosy den for your dog to sleep in.

It’s easy to maintain too and you can just put it in the washer whenever it needs a clean. You can even put it in the dryer too for even easier cleaning and maintenance!


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Furhaven Ergonomic Contoured Bed

For a truly comfortable dog bed you can’t go wrong with this ergonomic dog bed from Furhaven.

The bed has been perfectly designed and contoured with your dog in mind and the soft curves allow your dog to sleep comfortably whether they are a cuddly dog that curls up or a dog that prefers to sprawl as they sleep.

The gently curving edges of this bed allow your dog to get into a comfortable position whilst providing relief from common pressure points.

The thick foam is made from medical grade solid foam ensuring a comfortable experience.

The bed is covered in soft microvelvet material that is soft to touch and provides the perfect surface for your dog to sleep on.

The zippered cover comes off easily and can be washed in a washing machine for easy maintenance and cleaning.

For spot cleans and in between washes cleaning you can just rub with a damp cloth. A large bed that’s comfortable, practical and ergonomic too – perfect for your best furry companion!