5 Beds That Help Your Dog To Regulate Its Temperature

black and white puppy snuggled into a womans arms helping the dog stay warm

Have you ever wondered how a dog regulates its body temperature so it stays warm in winter and cool in summer? If you have, then you are not alone! It is something we all consider from time to time simply because dogs are so different to us humans in this way. 

There are multiple ways that a dog can regulate its own body temperature and most dogs are pretty good at it too! However, we all need a little extra help from time to time and providing your dog with an appropriate bed can make a big difference in their ability to regulate their temperature and keep themselves comfortable. 

How Does A Dog Regulate Its Temperature

Most of us know the basic signs of a cold or hot dog. A dog that is feeling the heat will start to pant with their tongue hanging out and this is the most obvious sign that they are struggling with the temperature. 

There are a few other signs you can watch out for but these tend to be subtle and you might only notice if you are looking for them. 

Sweating is one of these symptoms of being hot. It is a common misconception that dog’s don’t sweat and this isn’t entirely true. Dogs do sweat but only in very specific areas and they aren’t very good at it! A dog can sweat through the pads of their paws and through the skin on their ear canals. Neither of these are particularly efficient methods of keeping cool which is why they resort to panting. This has a much better cooling effect for a pup. If your dog’s feet are feeling moist then that is a sign they are hot and sweating so it is something to watch out for.

Another sign you can look out for is their behaviour and demeanour. If your pup is usually bouncing around your home and garden but on a hot day they prefer to keep still and calm then they are probably a bit hot and trying not to exert too much energy.

In cold weather watch out for shivering and shaking. Your dog might be struggling to keep warm and needs a warm blanket and a cuddle to help them warm back up. This is especially noticeable after a walk out in the cold weather or rain.

Where they lie down and even how they lay can be a sign that they are either feeling hot or cold. Have you ever noticed how your dog chooses a particular spot to lie on hot days and will choose another one on cooler days? Those spots probably have the right temperature and comfort levels that your pup enjoys. 

W grey Weimaraner dog sitting on a hard floor and staring up at the camera

How your dog lays is also a good sign. If they are curled up into a tight ball then they are often trying to conserve their body heat and if they are laying flat out sprawling everywhere then they might be trying to release body heat in order to keep cool.

How To Choose The Right Dog Bed

adult dog laying in the sun on a bed

When it comes to choosing the right dog bed for your pup you want to take into account the weather and how the bed is designed as much as you do other factors like bed size and materials. 

Here are a few things to watch out for and consider when choosing a dog bed.

  • The size of the bed. Make sure you get the right size and this will give your dog plenty of options on how they sleep. You will need to measure your dog. Measure them from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and then add between 6 and 12 inches to the measurement. This is the size dog bed you need. 
  • Pick a style of bed that your pup will like. If they like to cuddle and curl up then a cuddle or donut style bed is perfect. If they like to sprawl out they might prefer a mattress style bed. 
  • You might need to have different bed options available for summer and winter months as your dogs needs will be different during these times. 
  • Picking the right materials can make all the difference. You will find that some beds have reflective layers that help keep dogs cool or warm and some have gel cores for the same reason. 
  • It is worth considering having a couple of different styles of beds. Those designed to help keep your pup cool and some for helping them to stay warm. Then they can pick the option they need at the time. 

5 Of The Best Temperature Regulating Beds

When it comes to temperature regulation, your dog’s bed is one of the most important aspects and it is well worth investing in two or three options for them to choose from so that they can choose which bed suits them best at the time. 

These are five of the best that we have been able to find to help your pet regulate its own temperature.

Self Warming And Cooling Orthopedic Couch Style Bed

This pet bed has everything you could possibly need! The orthopaedic mattress is made from memory foam to provide optimum comfort and support – perfect for old dogs suffering from arthritis or joint pain. It also helps support growing puppies who are finding themselves having growing pains. 

The benefits of this bed don’t stop there. This bed is designed to be both self-warming and cooling giving your dog the best of both worlds no matter what the temperature of the room. The bed itself is designed to be cooling but it comes with a detachable self-heating mat that you can add on cooler days.

  • Available on both Amazon UK and US websites.
  • You can choose between a self-warming bed or a cooling bed. The best of both worlds for your pooch.
  • The couch design is perfectly proportioned so there is plenty of space for your dog to choose how it lies and the bolster sides provide a great resting place to support the head and neck of your pup as it sleeps.
  • The base is made from orthopaedic memory foam for comfort.
  • Available in two sizes for you to choose from.
  • The cover is machine washable. Just pop it into the washing machine whenever it needs a clean.

Furhaven Round Cuddle Nest

In order to help your dog keep warm in cooler weather, you can provide them with the perfect place to snuggle up in such as this cuddle nest by Furhaven. Available in both the UK and the US this bed comes complete with a snuggle burrow for dogs who like to nest when they sleep.

The base is made from memory foam to help with comfort and to ease any discomfort from joint pain your dog might suffer with. The lining of the bed is designed to retain your dog’s own body heat and help it to stay warm all night long.

  • Available in up to four size options. Pick out the perfect size for your pup.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of colour options to match your dog’s personality or your decor.
  • The attached blanket can be used as a blanket or it can be converted into a warm and snuggly tent for your pet to burrow into.
  • The bed base is made from egg crate memory foam which is thought to help relieve any joint pressure as they sleep.
  • The cover of this bed is completely machine washable for easy cleaning.

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Cooling Orthopedic Bed

When it comes to regulating your dog’s temperature you can’t do much better than with the quad-layer cooling and orthopaedic technology that this dog bed offers.

What is really awesome about this bed is the layers of different memory foam. There is a layer of egg crate style orthopaedic memory foam sandwiched between a layer of thick memory foam and a top layer of cooling gel-infused memory foam. This is a bed designed for your dog’s comfort! 

The couch style bed has bolstered sides that allow your dog to feel secure on all sides and also provides a comfortable headrest that supports the head and neck as it sleeps.


  • This bed comes with quad-layer technology – three layers of memory foam and a washable cover.
  • Available in both the UK and the US and has a sleek, contemporary design that will fit nicely into most homes.
  • To make this bed super easy for you as well as comfortable for your dog, the cover is removable and can be washed in the washing machine.
  • The base layer is infused with charcoal to help diffuse pet odour.
Brown dog laying on an elevated pet cot with a folded bed in the background

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Pet Gear Elevated Pet Cot

When it comes to cooling, you can’t beat an elevated cot bed style of pet bed for your pooch. This style of bed has stretched fabric over a metal frame that sits a few inches off the ground. No part of the bed section touches the ground at all. Perfect for both comfort but also as a cooling technique.


Your pet can lay on the breathable fabric and enjoy airflow all around its body as it rests! You can’t get better for both comfort and cooling. This version of an elevated style bed is perfect for travellers or even to move it about your home and garden. There is no assembly required and it folds away to help you transport it wherever you need. This makes it a great travel bed to take with you on holiday.

  • Made from durable and water-resistant fabric. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • You can easily transport this portable foldaway design whenever you need it.
  • The design includes rubber grips on the legs to stop it from sliding about as your dog gets off and on the bed.
  • This bed is both lightweight and strong and comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from.
  • The mesh fabric is perfect to help your dog regulate its temperature on hot days. If the weather turns a little cooler you can always add an extra blanket or two to help your dog keep warm.
fluffy white dog laying on a donut style cuddle bed

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Veehoo Warming Round Bed

We thought we would finish up with a perfectly cuddly round snuggle bed from Veehoo. This bed is built to be self warming and the design is perfect for dogs that like to curl up tightly into a ball when they sleep. 

This is a bed made for smaller dogs so check the sizing carefully before you buy. It is available in two sizes for you to choose from and three stylish colour options too.

The real beauty of this bed is the filling. It is filled with comfortable non-allergenic polyester fibre which is designed to retain your dog’s own body heat creating a cosy and warm place to snuggle down into.

  • This bed is suitable for dogs up to 25 lb so perfect for smaller pups to curl up into.
  • This bed is designed to allow your pet to sink into it and burrow in to find their perfect sleeping spot.
  • Made using self-warming design and filling to help your pup regulate it’s own temperature.
  • The faux fur covering is also made with your dogs warmth and coziness in mind. It is perfect to snuggle on or into.
  • This bed is also super easy to take care of. You can wash it in the washing machine and even pop it into the dryer on a gentle setting.